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How to contribute

You might already have heard the term: Wiki. It refers to any website on which users collaboratively modify content and structure directly from the web browser.

Chordata, in concordance with to open spirit of the whole project has chosen this type of content structure because it allows the documentation to constantly grow by the contribution of whoever thinks has something to say about the Chordata system, the motion capture in general or any of the many technical fields that make that discipline possible. This article describes how you can contribute.



Anyone can edit any page (except for those protected). You will find an “Edit” tab on top of each article where you will have access to the source in the form of Wiki markup.

At the moment no visual editor is available (known as WYSIWYG editor). If you feel like the necessity of writing plain wiki markup is getting in the way of your attempts to contribute, please let us know through the forum (we just don’t feel like complicating the backend of this wiki if no one will make use of it)

In order to prevent vandalism some restrictions to the contributions are implemented on this wiki:

  • Anonymous creations or editions are asked to fill a captcha.
  • For a new user registration you are required to fill a captcha.
  • Registered, not email verified users are required to fill a captcha when creating or editing content.
  • All contributions are moderated: they won't show up publicly until a moderator has approved them

Moderation will be used only as an anti vandalism mechanism. It won’t filter content by the “quality” or “style” of the contribution, if some content has the evident intention of being a contribution to the knowledge base, then it will be approved. If there are some issues about the compliance of the apport to the Contribution rules, they might be edited afterwards through regular wiki mechanisms. Editions with incorrect summary won’t pass moderation, instead the user will be asked to provide a correct one.

How to create or edit contentEdit

While creating or modifying content you can previsualize the changes as many times as you want using the “Preview” button under the edit area. If you are happy with your editing you can publish the changes: Doing it will modify the public face of the article, so please double check everything is correct. Before publishing you will be asked to enter the summary of the edition: That is an important field that helps keeping track of the several modification that an article might suffer along time, please chose a short describing sentence.

If you are not a registered and verified user you will be asked to fill a captcha. If you want to get rid of it when editing, alongside with other benefits (like having your name displayed on the contributions instead of your ip address).

How to create a new userEdit

On the top the wiki, or in the sidebar you will find a button lo log in, or create a new user. Once there choose an username and a password, and optionally a real name and an email address. The real name will be used on some parts of the wiki for authoring the contributions. In order to get rid of the captcha for future contributions, you should enter a valid email, and verify it through the link that will be sent to you

How moderation worksEdit

This article is work in progress, you might find that part of the information contained here is incomplete.

Contribution RulesEdit

This article is work in progress, you might find that part of the information contained here is incomplete.