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==List of releases==
==List of releases==
* [http://chordata.cc/downloads 0.1.0b] First beta release (2019/02/04)
* [[Release_0.1.0b|0.1.0b]] First beta release (2019/02/04)
* [[Release_0.1.0a|0.1.0a]] First alpha release (2018/08/22)
* [[Release_0.1.0a|0.1.0a]] First alpha release (2018/08/22)

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This page contains all the releases of the Chordata framework.

Chordata is entering the beta-stage. Together with a limited number of users we will be working with the prototypical version of the suit, in order to create the first production version of the framework.

If you are interested on testing a prototypical version of the system and become part of the group of users that will participate on the shaping of this new system you might want to join our beta-testing program. Leave us a message here to get more information.

Or you can also visit the dedicated section on our forum to see what the beta-testers are up to.

List of releases

  • 0.1.0b First beta release (2019/02/04)
  • 0.1.0a First alpha release (2018/08/22)