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*Flush loggers on every timer cycle
*Flush loggers on every timer cycle
*Date formatting without trailing \n
*Date formatting without trailing \n
*Turn sensors off on close
==(2019/02/04) [[Release_0.1.0b|0.1.0b]] First beta release ==
==(2019/02/04) [[Release_0.1.0b|0.1.0b]] First beta release ==

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This page contains the Roadmap for the future changes of the Chordata framework

Chordata is entering the beta-stage. Together with a limited number of users we will be working with the prototypical version of the suit, in order to create the first production version of the framework. The priority is to implement or fix the features that will allow them to use the system in the smoother possible way.

For other types of features see the [[Talk:Roadmap| the "Discussion" page for this article or this, or this thread on the forum

(future..) 0.1.1b Second beta release

SBC as an access point

Currently the SBC is only capable of connecting to an external network.
This feature was implemented by Antonio Ianiero some months ago, just requires some cleanup.

Fix the Notochord control server

When a Chordata’s SBC finishes booting, launches a service that provides an HTTP and Websocket interface through which a user can perform the common operations that a capture requires. We call it the :Notochord control server see How_it_works §2.3.1 .
It is the backbone for all Utility_software. For example it allow the notochord to be initialized from the Blender_add-on or the Remote console
This feature is already implemented but requires some fixes: We should change the way the notochord_runner.py module interacts with the Notochord (from stdout parsing to OSC messages)

Buttons on the Remote console

The remote console allows users to control the Notochord from a browser, without having to access the SBC through ssh.
Currently exposes only a cli interface. It would be great to also have buttons for the most common operations, like [INIT] or [CALIBRATE]

Notochord tweaks

  • general cleanup
  • complete & update testing suite
  • "Scan" feature (make the notochord tell the user which K-Ceptor it can find) [DONE #0ad502e0]
  • Implement a better parsing order mechanism (currently the XML parsing might overwrite some CLI args)
  • Flush loggers on every timer cycle
  • Date formatting without trailing \n
  • Turn sensors off on close

(2019/02/04) 0.1.0b First beta release