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We are working to complete this documentation. You might find that some parts of this wiki are still incomplete.

The chordata system is still in Alpha state, The core is stable, but in the past months many interface changes were made, and many parts added to allow a smoother user experience and increase the reproducibility of the complete system. Many of these recent adjustments are still not extensively tested, or even not yet implemented. Still they are described here as they are planned to work. All of those features are still subject to revision and might change before the release of the first Beta version.

Welcome to the Chordata User Manual. In this guide you will find all of the steps needed to setup a default motion capture suit and perform a capture starting from scratch, without any previous knowledge required.

This is the place to start if you have never used the Chordata system before, and if you want to grasp the basic of the system's usage.

If you have some previous electronics or programming knowledge and you are interested in customizing part of the system, we recommend to quickly go through this guide before digging into the Advanced use

You can start right away from the beginning of the manual by clicking the button below:

User Manual: Table of contents