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Rj12 6p6c connectors

The cables used to interconnect the sensing units on the Chordata system strongly resemble those used on domestic telephones. They are almost the same, just for the fact that in chordata they should have 6 cores, and the ones you normally use for telefones come with 4 or 2 cores.

Technically speaking they are ~26 AWG, 6 cores cable with crimped RJ12 6p6c headers.

You can buy them at our online store, or crimp them your own.

Just make sure you have enough for the capture gear that are planning to use. For example for the default biped configuration you will be using 15 cables, but is better to have a couple of spare ones. For example this would be a good set:

  • 7 cables of ~80cm
  • 5 cables of ~40cm
  • 5 cables of ~30cm