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Rj12 6p6c connectors

The cables used to interconnect the sensing units on the Chordata system strongly resemble those used on domestic telephones. They are almost the same, just for the fact that in chordata they should have 6 cores, and the ones you normally use for telefones come with 4 or 2 cores.

Technically speaking they are ~26 AWG, 6 cores cable with crimped RJ12 6p6c headers.

If you are part of the beta-testing program you will receive the cables with your kit, otherwise you can crimp them your own.

Just make sure you have enough for the capture gear that are planning to use. For example for the default biped configuration you will be using 15 cables, but is better to have a couple of spare ones. For example this would be a good set:

  • 7 cables of ~80cm
  • 5 cables of ~40cm
  • 5 cables of ~30cm

Crimp your cables[edit]

The easiest and cheapest way to get a flexible 6cores cable is to strip the jacket off from a regular Ethernet cable. It is important to get the cable with Stranded cores, since the solid ones are too rigid.

So, you will end up with a bunch of twisted pairs. Pick just three of them.

Twisted pairs.jpg

Twist them together and crimp the connectors using an RJ12 crimping tool.

The result should be something like this


Order of the wires[edit]

ATTENTION! the order of the wires changed with K-Ceptor R2.3! double check the revision of your hardware before crimping the cables

The colors you pick are not important, but it is better to use the same twisted pair for adjacent pins. These tables are just one examples of a possible color configuration

Current K-Ceptor revision R2.3, parallel cables[edit]

The order in this revision is less confusing, you just have to insert the cables on the same order for both ends

CONNECTOR A pins Wires order Wires order CONNECTOR B pins
1 White-orange White-orange 1
2 Orange solid Orange solid 2
3 White-Green White-Green 3
4 Green-Solid Green-Solid 4
5 White-brown White-brown 5
6 Brown-Solid Brown-Solid 6

Previous K-Ceptor revision R2.2, mirrored cables[edit]

A crimped RJ12 cable with the wires mirrored on both ends

In the previous release, the order on both ends should be mirrored.

CONNECTOR A pins Wires order Wires order CONNECTOR B pins
1 White-orange Brown-Solid 1
2 Orange solid White-brown 2
3 White-Green Green-Solid 3
4 Green-Solid White-Green 4
5 White-brown Orange solid 5
6 Brown-Solid White-orange 6