Release 0.1.1b

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Second Beta of the chordata system[edit]

Original message[edit]

Chordata is entering the beta-stage. Together with a limited number of users are working with the prototypical version of the suit, in order to create the first production version of the framework.

If you are interested on testing a prototypical version of the system and become part of the group of users that will participate on the shaping of this new system you might want to join our beta-testing program. Leave us a message here to get more information.

Or you can also visit the dedicated section on our forum to see what the beta-testers are up to.


  • "Scan" feature
  • Fix bug with acelerometer and gyroscope calibration
  • Validate acel and gyro calibration
  • Improve calibration CLI UX
  • Add higher Sensor data rate (experimental)