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Accessing the remote console[edit]

Notochord remote console

The remote console is a web-interface program that allows you to control the state of the notochord from any computer or mobile device, without installing additional software. Your device should be connected to the same network than the notochord, most of the time this means accessing the WIFI network that the notochord has exposed with the name Chordata-net. Then from a web browser go to the address:


The notochord.local name is resolved because the notochord acts as a DNS server on the local network. If your browser just keeps waiting for a response, and eventually times out, it probably means that you device is using another DNS server. You can try checking if your browser has an static DNS on its configuration, otherwise perhaps an static DNS server was set system wide. If your are connected to another network apart from the Chordata-net your device might be using the other network's DNS. Try disconnecting from other networks apart from the notochord one.

You should see a page like the one in the picture, this is the remote console:

Click in the big Connect button. You should see a welcome message on the console, and the RGB led on the Hub should turn YELLOW.

Within the remote console the most common operations are displayed as buttons. But the console exposes a Command Line Interface which gives you a very flexible access to most of the notochord functionalities. You can type help to get a list of the remote commands available. The most important command is init which accepts arguments. Every argument passed as initialization argument to a call to notochord. For example, you can type init -h to get a list of all the possible notochord arguments