Troubleshooting a K-Ceptor

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Plug one of the ID Modules on top of one of the K-Ceptors, then plug it to one of the gates of the Hub. Be sure to plug the cable on the IN --> connector of the K-Ceptor. The Blue led on the K-Ceptor [D1] should turn on and stay that way. If the led is off then you might connected the node backwards . If the led blinks or flickers there might be some problem with the power supply or connections somewhere on the hierarchy (presumably on the same branch that the K-Ceptor is in).

On the remote console click on the Scan button, you should see the value of the ID_module printed, and the gate of the Hub used.

this feature might not be available, take a look here to confirm it is already implemented

Repeat the process for all the K-Ceptors and ID_modules. If something goes wrong double check the connections with a tester, microscope or magnifying glass. You can also try swapping K-Ceptor and ID_module in order to find which one is causing the problem. If you still can’t find anything, take a look at our forum.


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