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My name is Bob Robertson and I go by HalloweenBob because of my love for Halloween and Halloween props. For years I have been creating Halloween fun with my animatronic creation that I call Sindy Skinless. You can see what I'm talking about in this video:

Programming each movement of every servo in the entire group manually, one at a time is very time consuming, so for years I have been looking for or trying to create a motion capture system that could save the output to something that the software I use for the animatronics can understand. I use Brookshire Software's VSA to run the animatronics using a DMX interface. Years ago I made a wearable harness made out of aluminum with potentiometers attached at all the arm joints of the arms. I still needed to be in front of a camera wearing reflectors to capture the head movement, and the whole setup was too clumsy and time consuming and I abandoned it.

More recently I've been seeing markerless MoCap pop up here and there, which is what I wanted to do from the beginning, but the price tag was too great. I saw this, and immediately started my build.

I made up gerber files and sent them off to be printed. I used to print the boards. I found them to be very good quality and very reasonably priced. Just $5.00 for 10 boards, with very reasonable shipping. I made a total of 25 boards and with my shipping costs, the whole thing was about $30.00.

If you would like to save the time of creating your own gerber files, I am happy to share my gerber files here

I managed to create a BOM file using only two vendors. At least for people in the US, this will save you money because the original BOM might use different vendors each of which will charge you shipping fees. My BOM is available for you to use here. It includes all the parts needed to build up the K-Ceptor and Hub boards, as well as two Purchase Order forms, one for each vendor. Instead of looking up each part number at a separate website and ordering each part individually, just choose your quantities on my form, enter your billing and shipping addresses and email both forms to the address on the form. You send two emails, and a few days later, all the parts you need arrive. Each company will contact you to get your payment information before billing you or shipping out.

I will continue to post on the forums and add any other time-saving shortcuts I find here, and I hope it helps some people to put together your own systems with less trial and error.

I am excited for the ultimate outcome of my set and for the future of this project, and I am glad to be a part of it.